Can Imagining Someone Exercise Self-Control Boost Your Self-Control?

Do you know anyone who seems to have an endless supply of self-control and hope that you can borrow some of that? You don’t have to be envious anymore—in fact, you can even take full advantage of that. According to one study, you can become infected with someone’s self-control simply by visualising or imagining that person exercising self-control. The authors found that ‘merely perceiving someone use self-control can improve one’s self-reported self-control ability and reduce one’s feelings of fatigue’. Continue reading

Social Equality Promotes Gender Stereotypes?

Research has found that social equality could be detrimental to girls’ maths performance. This is because social equality promotes comparison between genders, which then encourages us to adopt gender stereotypes like ‘girls are bad at maths’. So beware of the effects of gender stereotypes if you live in an extremely egalitarian society. In fact, you can even counter the effects of negative stereotypesContinue reading

Thinking About Money Boosts Willpower

Money is the root of all evil? Not exactly, since having lots of it can provide a greater sense of control. Besides, research has found that this feeling of self-sufficiency actually translates to more self-control. Fortunately, if you don’t have real cash, you can still elicit that effect by thinking about money-related stuff, which is similar to how religious thoughts can boost willpower. Mark Twain was right—the lack of money is the root of all evil—without money, you probably will lack willpower. Continue reading